Food and Lodging

Experience local healthy food and peaceful lodging.

Our land is part of the national reserve “Los llanganates,” founded in 1996 to protect the natural and cultural biodiversity. This reserve is 219.931 hectares and includes the region of Cotopaxi, Napo, Pastaza, and Tungurahua. We are blessed to be part of this biodiversity and be surrender by so many natural resources. We enjoy healthy ecosystems such as waterfalls, rivers, vegetation,
mountains, and all sort of animal that are the source of our local food and most of the building material in our community.

Our meals consist of products from our gardens and chemical-free products from the local market. The meals are traditional to our community and are based on grains, cooked vegetables, some fresh fish and eggs. We produce a lot of yuca and plantain, so most dishes will have a side of these. Vegetarian, vegans, and other food preference could be accommodated.

Our lodge offer wooden rustic cabins with bathroom and shower either single or double occupancy. All our cabins come with window screens, mosquito nets, clean lines, and towels. Our simple cabins come with a bed and some shelves, and our deluxe cabins come with. some extra furniture and decoration that is crafted locally and conveys our culture.

Our community cabins have electricity and water comes from fresh rain reservoirs. Our jungle cabins run on water that comes from the spring, and we use candles, solar panels, and when needed a generator.

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