Ceremonial Wuayusa Tea


Wuayusa is a sacred medicinal plant that has been part of our traditional practices and is widely consumed in the Amazon. We consume  it early in the morning and throughout the day to increase vitality, alertness, and stay protected. It is also well known for its fertility properties and for bringing good health and wellness to new generations in our families.

When To Drink

Ceremonially, we drink Wuayusa early in the morning, before dawn, for dream interpretation. Our elders prepare the medicine and ask us to drink it with good intentions and set good prayers. After drinking it, we meditate or play ceremonial music to invite an awakened dream state. During this time we contemplate the dream world and our elders would interpret their meaning.

As a community, we would like to introduce this medicine to the world and help the healing spirit reach to many. This medicine is powerful when you develop a healthy relationship to Wuayusa spirit, set good intentions, and offer good prayers when drinking it early in the morning or throughout the day. The journey begins when you feel the need or calling to sit with this medicine.

When brewing the tea leaves, bring your good thoughts and pray for clarity, protection, and those things you would like for your day. Drink it slowly and when done sit or lay down in a contemplative state. Let the medicine guide your dreams while you stay awake, giving you insights and clarity.

The Agricultural Production Association of Napusamai has been working on the Ceremonial Wuayusa Tea project for some time and it currently involves 20 Kichwa families from the Napo region that are working towards the sustainable cultivation, elaboration, and distribution of our medicine. And we are looking to eventually have the full participation of 60 more families. This project will help many of our families generate a steady income, protect our families, and support our culture.

For a respectful cross-cultural experience, we are developing a marketing strategy that includes webinars and private online sessions. Wuayusa is sacred medicine and we would like to honor the spirit and our culture by ensuring that consumers learn a healthy relationship to this sacred work. 

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