Cultural Exchange and Volunteer Program

This program is for people who are 17 to 35 years old and would like to immerse in our culture and support our projects for one to three months. During this time you will be involved with several activities such as the school, agricultural projects, ecotourism developments, renewable energy resources, marketing and admiration of our overall operation.

Some of the activities you may be involved are:

  • Teaching English, and learning Kichwa or Spanish
  • Teaching school children
  • Develop school material, such as a school manual in English.
  • Marketing materials for our programs
  • Support and learning during our ceremonial practices
  • Ecotourism support during our walk in nature
  • English – Spanish translation, when possible.
  • Install and repair solar panels

This program supports our community while also nourishing your soul and heart. You will learn to work in community, stay present and take one day at a time, manage uncertainty and limited resources, trust your fellow friends and nature, expand your cultural awareness and learn another language, unplug from over stimulating activities and artifacts, reconnect with nature and spirt, experience living with minimal impact of the colonial system, tune in to a more authentic self,
and re-envision your path.

This program only runs during the moths of March, April, and May, and September, October, and November. Participants will contribute with $360 a months that will cover their food and lodging in single premises.They will need to provide themselves with any personal expenses, airport transportation, and any medical cost.

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