support the Napusamai

Our service of providing a reconnection to Nature
through Ayahuasca ceremonies and other sacred medicinal plants,
greatly helps our community. We find a harmonic balance between
growing lodge to accommodate more people and
enriching our family and community.
So, if you feel inspired, please feel free to
donate financially and materially.
Thank You!

Want to check out our retreats?


At Napusamai, we offer group and individual Ayahuasca ceremonies. With stays up to 10 days.  Find out more about our Retreat Packages, here.


What is Ayahuasca?


Want to know a little more about the sacred vine, Ayahusca. Want to know how it is prepared? Click here.

The Kichwas


Get to know a little more about the Kichwa tribe of Naposamai Ayahuasca Lodge. Plus a little about their culture & cuisine. Check it out here.

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