Meet The Shamans




At 65 years old, he is a highly respected shaman (Yachac Curaca-wise),
with a legacy passed down by his ancestors.  Don Luis and his family
have also acquired knowledge from 25 leading scholars of traditional
medicine from different cultures in this region, Ecuador, and Peru.

For more than 38 years, shaman Don Luis been practicing the use
of medicinal plantsof the forest ,to purify the blood in the treatment
of diseases,and also cleanse spiritual energy with special ceremonies
using essences extracted from the plants of the Amazon.

Don Luis will guide you through your journey as you come to experience the sacred plant of ayahuasca.





At the age of 66 years, Doña Inés still works with her husband
during Ayahuasca ceremonies. After meeting Dona,
you can feel her good energy,  her positive 
 energy is
important to  the preparation of the sacred plant of Ayahuasca.
She is also responsible for controlling the strength of the plant
and looks after the our guests after the ceremonies.
Dona is also very knowledgable on
other plants used to clean
or remove any negative effects during the healing process.






Juan Andi, son, and assistant to Don Luis and Inés is 44 years of age and is an engineer in tourism enterprises by profession. In addition to this, he shares much of the knowledge and practices of his father. He also obtained much knowledge from his grandparents who taught him from an early age. He also works with other teachers and shamans to support the work of his family and organizes the ayahuasca retreats here at Napusamai Ayahuasca Lodge, Kuyaloma.

“this family carries a long linage of
inner knowledge and wisdom…”

– Kuthoomi Bodhi Nirmal

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